Semi-finished Soft Magnetic Materials

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07 September 2023 | SEKELS GmbH

Materials and Semi-finished Products

Soft magnetic materials are essential components in many devices and are indispensable in modern electrical engineering and electronics. The wide range of applications, the steadily rising demands on the quality of components, devices and plants and ever increasing specialization call for a careful selection of the materials available in order to achieve the optimal solution.

Our focus is on metallic soft magnetic allloys, either crytalline from 80 % NiFe (MUMETALL®) to 50 % CoFe (VACOFLUX®), or amorphous (VITROVAC®) and nanocrystalline (VITROPERM®). We are familiar with alloy specific machining methods, from simple pre-cut parts to sophisticated composite systems.

In many applications soft magnetic alloys need to fulfil both mechanical and magnetic requirements. Or they need to be combined with other materials like permanent magnets or plastic materials.

Our service comprises the material selection based on all requirements, pre-cutting, machining, magnetic annealing, assembly to subsystems.

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