Amorphous C-Cores (AMCC, SU)

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07 September 2023 | SEKELS GmbH

Amorphous metals are characterized by the lack of the usual crystalline structure with grains and grain boundaries. This is of advantage for soft magnetic behavior as disturbances like crystal anisotropies or domain wall pinning at grain boundaries are simply eliminated.

Fe-based amorphous alloys have excellent magnetic properties, however do not reach the low losses or high permeabilities of nanocrystalline alloys due to the relatively high magnetostriction. The advantages are a higher saturation flux density and lower costs.

C-cores made from amorphous Fe-based alloys offer an interesting combination of high saturation flux density and low magnetization losses, therefore they are especially suitable for PFC (Power Factor Correction) or storage chokes.

The main applications for amorphous c-cores are in the range > 10 A at approx. 20 to 100 kHz. The low losses enable the design of size optimized solutions also with high current ripples.

We offer selected types from the "AMCC" series as well as customer-specific solutions, e. g. with several cuts. Please contact us for a technical discusson and non-binding quotes.

Please find Brochure "Amorphous C-Cores"

Presentation "Design Considerations on Amorphous C-Cores"

Information on nanocrystalline c-cores is available here.

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