Introducing SEKELS GmbH - MAGµMAN – our new permanent magnetic tool for contactless guiding of magnetic particles

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07 September 2023 | SEKELS GmbH

Nanoparticles gain more and more importance in biological and pharmaceutical research. In many fields, the controlled contactless motion of ferromagnetic nanoparticles is of great importance. Examples are cell manipulation, cell sorting, magnetic drug targeting (MDT), hyperthermia and motion of suspended cells doped with nanoparticles. Due to the dynamic evolution of this field of research, this enumeration can only be regarded as an extraction.

Based on permanent magnets, the system in hand yields the possibility to move suspended iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) along arbitrary trajectories and observe them under most commercially available microscopes. Our system is intended for experiments in a Petri dish (e. g. ibidi Glass Bottom Dish 35 mm). Upscaling and 3D upgrading of the system is conceivable.

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