Magnet Systems

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07 September 2023 | SEKELS GmbH

Magnet Systems

We design and produce magnet based and electrical magnet systems of various kinds, also combined with e. g. magnetic shielding. Single components or parts, like e. g. pole shoes, special cores or yoke systems are also availabe and are produced according to your requirements - from prototypes to series deliveries.

Applications are e. g. accelerators (Betatron), inductive heating, magnetic sensors, scientific equipment and more.

Our strength is the knowledge of the magnetic alloys from amorphous and nanocrystalline metals to powder materials, how to machine them, and how to combine them with other materials. Furthermore we have a long-term experience with the calculation and design of various magnetic circuits.

Part of our activities are e. g. the investigation of gluing systems under special environments, the measurement of magnetic properties, the calculation of magnetic circuits, customer-specific investigations like the assessment of series capability of materials, connections and systems.

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SEKELS GmbH We are specialists in magnetic fields, magnetic materials, ring-shaped cores, magnetic systems and magnetic shielding - from guidance to delivery of finished components and systems.

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SEKELS GmbH develops, manufactures and sells technical products in the field of magnetism. With approx. 27 employees (almost half of whom are physicists and engineers) help more than 600 customers worldwide.
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