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SOLANO AT is a particularly powerful and lightweight, industrial heat gun, with many useful functions. The device was developed in collaboration with its core users and oriented towards their specific needs. This resulted in a unique heat gun that is particularly quiet, efficient and robust: SOLANO AT is equipped with a brushless, long-lasting motor (10'000 working hours). With its 2300 W output and a weight of just 750 g / 1.65 lbs., it is a handy,yet high-performance heat gun for a variety of applications.
The temperature is infinitely adjustable between 50 - 650 °C / 122 - 1202 °F, and offers constant performance for plastic welding, heating, shrinking or drying. The air volume of the heat gun can be adjusted between 160 and 300 (550) l/min or 0.09 - 0.18 (0.32) ft³/s respectivley. Its unique and quiet at only 65 dB (A), with configurations tailored to customer needs, i.e. temperature and air flow range, making it the perfect tool for various hot air applications.

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Bergstrøm Plastteknik A/S

Bergstrøm Plastteknik A/S offers solutions for hot air processes in industry from LEISTER Technologies. In line with the demand partly for solutions to replace industrial gas burners and not least in line with electrification, LEISTER has developed high-performance air heaters and air blowers.

In addition, air heaters and air blowers have been developed so that they can be included in recirculation processes, i.e. recycling of the hot air.

In the segment for plastic welding, LEISTER has developed extruders for mounting either on robots or production lines.
In the more sophisticated part

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