LHS 210/410 DF-R HT

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The LHS 410 DF-R HT tubular air heater is a medium sized double flange high temperature air heater from Leister that can recirculate hot air. It offers an even higher air volume than the LHS 210 DF-R HT tubular air heater. With a maximum air outlet temperature of 900 °C/1652 °F, the LHS 410 DF-R HT recycles inlet air up to a maximum temperature of 350° C/662 °F. The double flange design allows the Leister tubular air heater to be easily installed in piping systems.
The LHS 410 DF-R HT is equipped with ceramic insulation between the air heater and the connection housing. The ceramic insulation ensures that the electrical connections of the tubular air heater are protected against overheating caused by hot air flowing back. The double flange air heater is used in various industrial processes and applications. For example, in the packaging industry in shrink ovens, in the automotive industry for preheating cable harnesses, in the metal industry for relieving stresses in the material, to name just a few. In the metal and plastics industry, the LHS 410 DF-R HT is often used in applications where hot air recirculation is required. Anyone who needs a compact and thus very efficient air heater with a high air volume for their industrial processes is excellently advised to use the LHS 410 DF-R HT double-flange tubular air heater from Leister. The use of the LHS 410 DF-R HT also saves energy costs due to hot air recycling. Leister's LHS 410 DF-R HT single-phase, high-temperature tubular air heater handles large volumes of air and is available for 230 V with an output of 4400 W and for 400 V with an output of 5500 W.

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Bergstrøm Plastteknik A/S offers solutions for hot air processes in industry from LEISTER Technologies. In line with the demand partly for solutions to replace industrial gas burners and not least in line with electrification, LEISTER has developed high-performance air heaters and air blowers.

In addition, air heaters and air blowers have been developed so that they can be included in recirculation processes, i.e. recycling of the hot air.

In the segment for plastic welding, LEISTER has developed extruders for mounting either on robots or production lines.
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