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23 August 2023 | SMC Danmark A/S

SMC Denmark marks a significant milestone this year as the company has been providing pneumatic and electric motion solutions to machine builders and industries since 1998.

In Horsens, there's ample reason to celebrate, as the Japanese subsidiary now presents its strongest product lineup ever.

Our journey began 25 years ago when SMC Denmark was established under the name SMC Pneumatik A/S. This marked SMC Corporation's official presence in the Danish market.

As early as 1984, the wholesaler Ottensten in Viby near Aarhus initiated the sale of Japanese conglomerate products. This included FRL products such as filters and pressure regulation valves, complementing Ottensten's existing range of nail guns and portable compressors. Over time, this partnership grew, and the wholesaler started distributing SMC's complete product line in Denmark.

On July 1, 1998, SMC Corporation took over this part of Ottensten's business, which also included 14 dedicated employees. Among them was Sales Manager Steen Herbild, who later became the director of the Danish subsidiary.

"We have always been a growth-driven company, constantly aiming to increase sales, and it has been possible because our product range expanded year after year," states Steen Herbild, who continues to hold the position of Managing Director for the company.

SMC Denmark A/S, as the company was later renamed, now employs 35 skilled employees and has moved from Odder to the current headquarters in Horsens, inaugurated in 2008.

He points out that SMC Corporation's parent company has 1,200 product developers in Tokyo and continually introduces new products multiple times a year. The publicly traded conglomerate employs around 23,000 individuals and operates factories in 30 countries, along with sales offices in 80 countries.

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