The Smart Company

Are you ready for your next digital transformation?
Take part in the experience on 3-5 October in Hall L.


Are you ready for your next digital transformation?

The Smart Company takes the digitised reality further and provides visitors with knowledge about the latest technology with a focus on:

  • Integration - the benefits of integrating technology into every business proces

  • Transparency - full transparency in supply chains and warehouses

  • Digitisation - saving resources, time and money as well as increasing quality

  • Transformation - data enables better decision-making and paves the way for the use of artificial intelligence

  • Business - turning costs into earnings - directly to the bottom line

Overview of Hall L

at The Smart Company we gather market leading companies showcasing the latest technologies in digitisation of production processes, warehouse management, logistics and supply chains, etc., and the benefits of integrating technology in all company processes will be demonstrated.

in The Smart Company area, we follow a flow of goods and along the way we demonstrate the automated labelling of goods with unique IDs. A labelling that can subsequently be used to optimise warehouses and internal logistics. Based on a customer order, an efficient and automated picking from the warehouse and a controlled dispatch of the goods is demonstrated.

Labelling the goods with unique IDs is of great value when optimising logistics around returned goods - which is very central for all companies with a webshop. Join a guided tour - we are offering 3 tours a day (at 10:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m. and 14:00 p.m.) starting at The Smart Company.

in The Smart Company we will on a big screen present an animation of the flow of goods that we show in our guided tours and clips will be shown with illustrative examples of the use of automatic identification and data capture (AIDC).
Guided tours are organised by AIDC Denmark 3 times a day, starting at the square.

The tours start at 10 a.m., 12 a.m. and 2 p.m. and will provide a demonstration of the overall flow by visiting a number of partner stands in The Smart Company area.

of the company's operational processes, we will illustrate how the collected data can be used in other parts of the company. Data creates an overview and can be used for documentation in relation to sustainability and, not least, data provides an improved basis for important decisions.
At the same time, data is the basis for the company to use artificial intelligence in the future for automation, streamlining and optimisation.

The foundation for a data-driven business is established through automatic data capture.

It's actions, not mere words, that matter

The climate challenge is global, but the solution starts locally. Each individual and company has a shared responsibility to find solutions and make sustainable decisions, both alone and together. Visibility in what is happening in the individual company's supply chain means that we can make both good and correct decisions for the benefit of the company and the environment. Join us to hear more about how we at Lyngsoe use RFID, amongst other things, as a tracking technology to create visibility.

Martin Starup, Senior Business Development Executive | Lyngsoe systems

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