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At Gain & Co, we collaborate with our clients to address labour shortages, increase productivity, and more with the help of robots and automation.

As your unbiased advisor, we work to identify ideal automation targets specific to your needs, ensuring meaningful and long-lasting solutions are implemented smoothly and effectively.

We take a customized approach to each engagement, scaling our offerings and level of collaboration to fit the needs of your team. This starts with a comprehensive assessment of your manufacturing processes - discovering, validating, and ranking potential automation opportunities for your business.

As viable projects are identified, we can guide your team through the entire journey with the end goal of
obtaining an automation solution that meets your goals and expectations.

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George Mirabella

Commercial Development Consultant


George Mirabella

Tom Anzur


Tom Anzur

Virksomhedsprofiler samt speciale- og interesseområder er udfyldt og tilføjet af leverandørerne og er ikke baseret på viden eller vurdering fra HI Tech & Industry Scandinavia.