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Foam 32 T is an alkaline foam cleaning agent.

Foam 32 T is an alkaline foaming detergent for the food industry, agriculture and transportation - for the cleaning of surfaces and equipment.
Foam 32 T effectively removes fat- and protein residues.
As a result of good adherence, the dirt will be covered by moist foam preventing it from drying out. The dissolved dirt is easy to rinse off.

Due to the special composition of Foam 32 T lime deposits are bonded to the water resulting in shining surfaces with only limited requirement for acidic cleaning. Does not contain EDTA.

Use with caution on alkali-sensitive surfaces such as aluminium, brass and galvanized steel.

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Novadan develops and manufactures cleaning product and disinfectant af high quality to the BtB market. We supply both Danish and international company in the pharma- and food industries, e.g. slaugherhouses, food processing companies, dairies and breweries.

Novadan has many years of experience and we are a solution oriented partner working closely together with our customers and delivering tailormade concept with food safety and optimization in focus.

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