3D plastic welding

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29 September 2023 | Bergstrøm Plastteknik A/S

Robotic controlled plastic welding!

Automated, modular, customized – WELDPLAST 200-i / 600-i.

LEISTER offers you two modules for automated extrusion welding and 3D printing. WELDPLAST 200-i and 600-i
are set up to allow both simple and fully automated expansion and can be mounted on robots or integrated into
machines. This modular design allows you to bring your projects to fruition without making any compromises.

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Bergstrøm Plastteknik A/S

Bergstrøm Plastteknik A/S offers solutions for hot air processes in industry from LEISTER Technologies. In line with the demand partly for solutions to replace industrial gas burners and not least in line with electrification, LEISTER has developed high-performance air heaters and air blowers.

In addition, air heaters and air blowers have been developed so that they can be included in recirculation processes, i.e. recycling of the hot air.

In the segment for plastic welding, LEISTER has developed extruders for mounting either on robots or production lines.
In the more sophisticated part

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